No, end of story!
+11 , Book , Emotional education , New / 18 January, 2019

 No, end of story! Why do people start smoking? What lies behind this habit? Do young people know of the issues and diseases that they can expect to face in the future?

The indigo stork
+6 , Emotional education , Non Fiction / 19 February, 2018

 The indigo stork What is normal? What things do we call rare? What is the difference between unique and special? These questions are raised for us in “The Indigo Stork”, a story about the value of difference and the importance of putting oneself in someone else’s place. This tale of Vehia and her sister Naila, who has a rare disease, shows us the importance of valuing and caring for the “indigo storks” that exist in each a…

Shaman’s Magic Dream
+6 , New , Non Fiction , Science / 2 June, 2016

 Shaman’s Magic Dream Do children know where the medicines that we take when we are ill come from? How do we know that they make us better? Who made it possible for them to be in our medicine cabinet at home?

Discovering Mondrian
+3 , Arts , Biography , New , Non Fiction / 2 August, 2015

 Discovering Mondrian A book which provides the little ones in the family with a simple introduction to the work of this fantastic abstract painter whose designs are highly present in our society.The entire text is dotted with pictures of his best-known works. The best way to introduce children to the fantastic Mondrian.

Discovering Mozart
+5 , Biography , Music , New , Non Fiction / 27 June, 2015

 Discovering Mozart This is the first book in our “Discovering” collection. Discover the greatest musicians, painters and artists throughout history.The first book is dedicated to Mozart. This great musician has given us more than 600 pieces of work to enjoy.Going through the 9 musical compositions that are included in the book and which you can listen to, we dive into the life of this musical genius (only in pdf and iBookS…

Cooking with a little Science
+7 , Cooking , New , Non Fiction , Science / 21 June, 2015

 Cooking with a little Science Cooking with Science opens up a whole new world to us; an original way to rediscover cooking for children and the young at heart. Looking at nine recipes to discover the secret science behind the transformations from raw ingredients to the delicious final delight.

Visiting the pyramids with Bennu
+8 , History , New , Non Fiction / 30 May, 2015

 Visiting the pyramids with Bennu Learn about the wonders of the Ancient Egyptian world from Bennu, a nine-year-old girl who lives in Egypt. She shares her knowledge of her fascinating country with Miguel who is on holiday in her country. Like Miguel you can learn all about the pyramids and the other marvels that make Egypt such an exciting place.

My first voyage to the Galaxies
+6 , New , Non Fiction , Space / 15 May, 2015

 My first voyage to the Galaxies The third trip with Alvaro and Pruf Prof X-60. This time they will go to see the galaxies together with two of Alvaro´s friends.A fun way to continue getting to know our universe in a simple way for the smallest members of our families.

Discovering Dali
+7 , Arts , Biography , New , Non Fiction / 15 May, 2015

 Discovering Dalí This is the second book in our ¨Discovering¨ collection.  Come and meet the great painter Salvador Dali and learn about his amazing artwork, and his unusual lifestyle.The text in this book is enhanced by artwork from the great man.

Children’s Atlas of Europe
+7 , Geography , New , Non Fiction / 15 May, 2015

 Children’s Atlas of Europe This atlas was originally created for one of the authors five year old children.It looks at the main countries in Europe and points out characteristics and places of interest in them. It is a simple, fun way to introduce the younger reader to the world of geography.

Discovering van Gogh
+7 , Arts , Biography , New , Non Fiction / 13 May, 2015

 Discovering van Gogh The third in the ‘Discovery’ collection looks at Van Gogh.This painter with his shock of red hair painted equally colourful works of art. Children can learn all about his style of painting and see many of his works.

The Trojan war
+8 , History , New , Non Fiction / 10 May, 2015

 The Trojan war Do you dare to step into a time, 3,000 years ago when Gods and Mortals walked the earth together? A time when reality and myth crossed over and envy, revenge, love and war came together to produce this fascinating story.