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Discovering Mondrian

Discovering MondrianDiscovering Mondrian

A book which provides the little ones in the family with a simple introduction to the work of this fantastic abstract painter whose designs are highly present in our society.The entire text is dotted with pictures of his best-known works. The best way to introduce children to the fantastic Mondrian.

Do you want to have a look? It will be fun, come on…

Recommended age: +3
Price: Free
Category: Biography, Art

Author: Tatiana Sánchez
Illustrations: Vico Cóceres

Publication: August 2015

Download the book

If you download the book in PDF, as soon as the book opens, DOWNLOAD IT clicking the icon that appears at the top of the page.

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hi, can you check the pdf link, it does not work, thanks!


Hi, thank you for your info. All the links are verified and fixed. Enjoy with our books!!