The indigo stork
+6 , Emotional education , Non Fiction / 19 February, 2018


 The indigo stork What is normal? What things do we call rare? What is the difference between unique and special? These questions are raised for us in “The Indigo Stork”, a story about the value of difference and the importance of putting oneself in someone else’s place. This tale of Vehia and her sister Naila, who has a rare disease, shows us the importance of valuing and caring for the “indigo storks” that exist in each and every one of us.

Shaman’s Magic Dream
+6 , New , Non Fiction , Science / 2 June, 2016


 Shaman’s Magic Dream Do children know where the medicines that we take when we are ill come from? How do we know that they make us better? Who made it possible for them to be in our medicine cabinet at home?

My first voyage to the Galaxies
+6 , New , Non Fiction , Space / 15 May, 2015


 My first voyage to the Galaxies The third trip with Alvaro and Pruf Prof X-60. This time they will go to see the galaxies together with two of Alvaro´s friends.A fun way to continue getting to know our universe in a simple way for the smallest members of our families.

Amundsen, the polar explorer
+6 , Explorations , New , Non Fiction / 10 May, 2015


 Amundsen, the polar explorer This book is the story of Amundsen and his conquest of the South Pole at the beginning of 20th Century. Only a few men had penetrated to the interior of the Antartic continent and this book reminds readers of those heroes who accomplished such great feats.

My first voyage through the Solar System
+6 , New , Non Fiction , Space / 8 May, 2015


 My first voyage through the Solar System An illustrated voyage through the Solar System, for the youngest members of the family. SUMMARY: Alvaro is a boy who is playing in the park when suddenly a space ship comes down from outer space. He is invited onboard and to go around the Solar System.