No, end of story!
+11 , Book , Emotional education , New / 18 January, 2019


 No, end of story! Why do people start smoking? What lies behind this habit? Do young people know of the issues and diseases that they can expect to face in the future?

The indigo stork
+6 , Emotional education , Non Fiction / 19 February, 2018


 The indigo stork What is normal? What things do we call rare? What is the difference between unique and special? These questions are raised for us in “The Indigo Stork”, a story about the value of difference and the importance of putting oneself in someone else’s place. This tale of Vehia and her sister Naila, who has a rare disease, shows us the importance of valuing and caring for the “indigo storks” that exist in each and every one of us.