4 May, 2015

WEEBLEBOOKS is a collaborative and altruistic project, open to all who wish to participate. We would be delighted to receive your contributions and proposals. We value all of them and respond to each

collaborationDuring the time that we have been together, many people have joined us to contribute their work altruistically, with the objective of bettering the education, creativity and imagination of our children.

How can you collaborate with us?

There are many ways.

  • You can write an educational book (below we tell you about the characteristics that it should have.)
  • You can translate one of the books that has already been published into a language that we do not yet have.
  • You can illustrate one of the books that we have within our project.
  • You can promote and introduce our Project in your area, school, neighborhood or city.
  • If you work within the journalism field, you can write an article about us and publish it.

Undoubtedly you are able to think of more ways to collaborate. The idea is to be non-conforming and to enrich the educational world of our children.

Please note. In order to accept the books which you send us, they must comply with the following characteristics. Once a book has been accepted, we edit it, publish it in various formats (pdf, ibook store, issuu) and introduce it across our networks.

  • The books must be originals, the author must possess all of the rights and indicate this to us.
  • The content of the book must be eminently educational.
  • They should be short with a maximum of 4,000 words.
  • They should have a lot of illustrations. In some cases, we are able to illustrate them ourselves.
  • The content should be appropriate for the age of our readers. In other words, simple words should be used.

Have a look at what our edited books are like to get an idea about the aim of our editorial. All of the books receive, whether they are accepted or not, will receive a response.

Would you like to collaborate with us?

Write us and tell us your idea, then we can talk.

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One Comment

  • Daniel Rodriguez Ayala 18 June, 2016 at 7:30 am

    Hi my name is Daniel and I want collaborate with you, like illustrator, i’m really hooked with your initiative, I send you the link of my work, as you see i don’t own many examples of Children illustration, despite this i’m willing to learn and take any comments and advice from you
    Thanks and good night


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