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No, end of story!

cover No end of storyNo, end of story!

Why do people start smoking? What lies behind this habit? Do young people know of the issues and diseases that they can expect to face in the future?

This book is about teenagers’ initial exposure to tobacco. It is presented as a game that gradually gets you hooked until it turns into an addiction.

However, it is also about how other brave young people who apart from not smoking, are against it and fight for their friends.

The challenge facing our society is to prevent young people from starting to smoke. In order to achieve this, firstly it is necessary to provide them with information, to set them an example and, above all, to teach them to be brave and say NO.

The pharmaceutical company GSK has sponsored this book without whose help it would not have been possible to publish it.

A book dedicated to all those brave young people who have the courage to maintain their own ideas.

Recommended age: +11
Price: Digital version free
Category: Emotional education

Author: María Jesús Chacón Huertas
Illustrations: Romina Soto

Publication: January 2019
Publisher: WeebleBooks

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