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How it works

“Our Project is creating free educational children books that are useful and fun for children in the 21st century”

Weeblebooks is an educational project that actively encourages collaboration in order to promote education in an attractive and modern way.

We create and publish educational children’s books which are fun, modern, simple and imaginative. Books which can be used at home or at school as supporting material.

Best of all, they are free! In order to achieve this, we publish in electronic formats. We want to make this new way of learning accessible to everyone.

We are committed to the development of imagination and creativity as basic pillars in children’s development.

Through our books we are seeking to redefine the way that children learn.

How to download the books

You can read the books directly on your computer or Tablet screen using the application ISSUU, download them in pdf in order to read them later and always have them with you, or download them from the AppleStore in order to read them on you iPad. Now you can also download them from the Google Play store for cell phones and tablets with the Android operating system.

And all of these options are free for you!!

When opting for the pdf format, do not view the book from the internet navigator because it will lose resolution and the original colors will be altered. Upon opening the book that you want, download it by clicking on the icon that appears at the top of the page.

Advantages of our project

  • Free, quality books
  • With numerous illustrations
  • Interactive
  • Digital distribution ===> minimum cost
  • Use in schools as support material
  • Compatible with Reading systems for the visually impaired

Would you like to collaborate with us?

Do you have an educational book that you would like to publish? Would you like to illustrate one of our books?

Weeblebooks is a collaborative Project, interested and open to anyone hoping to participate.

There is more information here


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Comments (3)

Is there remuneration to the author if you accept a manuscript?
Does he/she retain the copyright?
Is the author free to submit the work to print publishers if Weeblebooks
has it on line?


The author retains the copyright and the publisher (Weeblebooks) can publish the book during five years. The author obtains the remuneration when the book is sponsored by a company. In this case, the author receives the 20% of the total sponsorship contract. No, the author cannot submit and offer his book to other publishers during the five years contract.