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The indigo stork

The indigo storkThe indigo stork

What is normal? What things do we call rare? What is the
difference between unique and special? These questions are
raised for us in “The Indigo Stork”, a story about the value of
difference and the importance of putting oneself in someone
else’s place. This tale of Vehia and her sister Naila, who has a
rare disease, shows us the importance of valuing and caring for
the “indigo storks” that exist in each and every one of us.

Committed to health education, WeebleBooks has collaborated with the biomedical company Pfizer, selecting the story as a priceless educational tool for explaining to children what are rare diseases and how should we act before the people who suffer them.

Recommended age: +6
Price: Digital version free
Category: Emotional education

Author: Roberto Ferrero Gómez
Illustrations: Adolfo Ruíz Mendes

Publication: February 2018
Publisher: WeebleBooks

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Hi my name is Liliana,

I need the book in PDF


Hi Liliana, you can download the book in pdf in the link