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Through Martin´s microscopic world

Have you ever wondered about those microorganisms you
can’t see with the naked eye but you’ve heard mentioned
so many times? Would you like a fun way of learning about them? Then be sure to read this story in which “Through
Martin’s microscopic world” you’ll learn all about bacteria, those tiny organisms 1000 times smaller than a pencil tip, but which are nevertheless essential to our life.

The biomedical company Pfizer has published this book together with our publisher WeebleBooks.

This project aims to show you the work carried out by our company. Some years ago, we started publishing stories, written by our Pfizer colleagues, focusing on science and innovations that change patients’ lives, so as to reinforce our commitment to health information as an educational tool for children, parents and professionals in healthcare and education.

Download Through Martin’s microscopic world free in .pdf format

Recommended age: 7 years and above

Author: Marta Maroto Díaz
Illustrations: Adolfo Ruiz Mendes

Publication: 16/11/2022
Publisher: WeebleBooks

Read the book on the screen

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