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Trash, the Rubbish Monster

Cover Trash the Rubbish Monster

A story which teaches us about the reduction of waste, the reuse of everyday objects and recycling.

Essential reading to ensure that children start to become aware of looking after the environment.

A monster called Trash has arrived in the cleanest city in the country, Urbaclean, and filled its streets with rubbish. What’s more, all of the street sweepers have disappeared. Molly and her friends will fight to make sure that the city returns to its previously clean state. Will they manage it? Download the book to find out.

Download Trash, the Rubbish Monster free in .pdf format.

Recommended age: 8 years and above
Price: Free digital edition
Category: Environment

Autora: M. Eolísa Caro Durán
Ilustradora: Cristina Vaquero

Publicación: 6/03/2020
Editorial: WeebleBooks

Read the book on the screen (without downloading it)

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