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Our Principles

“Our Project is creating free educational children books that are useful and fun for children in the 21st century”

Hello everyone,

Weeblebooks is an educational project that actively encourages collaboration in order to promote education in an attractive and modern way.

We create and publish educational children’s books which are fun, modern, simple and imaginative. Books which can be used at home or at school as supporting material.

Best of all, they are free! In order to achieve this, we publish in electronic formats. We want to make this new way of learning accessible to everyone.

We are committed to the development of imagination and creativity as basic pillars in children’s development.

Through our books we are seeking to redefine the way that children learn.

Weeblebooks Principles, Educational children books

Learning while having fun is the best we are able to offer

We started as a small group but that has given way to a network of people who are dedicated to childhood education, for which we have brought together diverse people who hope to collaborate and better the education of our children.

So we have set out to make fun, modern books

Educational and useful books that capture and develop their imagination, and that can be used within schools as support books.

And in order for them to reach everyone, the best is that they were free! For this reason, we publish them only in electronic formats. We want our books to reach everyone that needs them, even if they have got limited resources.

With this goal, we came together ad began to create: choosing interesting topics, adapting stories, decreasing the amount of text while increasing the font size, placing illustrations on every page with modern pictures in order to focus their attention on what was important while, at the same time, letting their imagination free to have fun, and tell stories that were both real and imaginary.

And this is how we came up with a Project open to everyone that fills us with hope. It is called WEEBLEBOOKS.

This is our manifesto, join and share it if you also believe in it

We hope you stay with us.

If you would like to leave a comment or a question, you can send us an email in the Contacto section.

We would be delighted to hear from you.