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Shaman’s Magic Dream

Shaman’s Magic DreamShaman’s Magic Dream

Do children know where the medicines that we take when we are ill come from? How do we know that they make us better? Who made it possible for them to be in our medicine cabinet at home?

Shaman, the witch child, and his grandfather, the Great Sorcerer, shall answer these questions through their story, a jungle adventure full of fabulous plants, new friends and time travel.

Committed to health education, WeebleBooks has collaborated with the biomedical company Pfizer, selecting the story as a priceless educational tool for explaining to children the long and complicated scientific process which makes it possible for us to have medicines which can cure some diseases or relieve the symptoms.

Recommended age: +6
Price: Digital version free
Category: History

Author: Miguel Ángel Hernández-Presa
Illustrations: Adolfo Ruíz Mendes

Publication: June 2016
Publisher: WeebleBooks

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Comments (6)

This book will be translated in other languages besides english and spanish? many thnaks Maria


Hi Maria, thanks you for sending your answer. For the moment the book will publish in English and Spanish. Maybe, next future we’ll translated to other languages.

Best regards,
WeebleBooks team


Your book is execellent. can I download it and share to my children school’s teacher and friends so they can read it also?


Hi Evi, of course, you can download the book, printed or share with your children school’s teacher or friendas. We hope all of you enjoy the book. Best regards.


What is book price…
Its available free on play store …
But in book forn whats is its price…


Hello. Our editorial only publishes books in digital format.