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Sponsor a book


Do you have a brand or product aimed at our target audience?

You can now collaborate with a voluntary educational project, whilst increasing the visibility of your product. We will tell you how to do it.

We are giving you the opportunity to sponsor one or several of our books by placing the logo of your brand, product or service in them. Our target audience is composed of young readers between the ages of seven and fifteen, but it is also made up of their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and the schools where some of our books are already used.

Book sponsoredIn addition to the benefits for your brand in reaching a highly-segmented audience, you will help our community-based project, enabling many children and families to continue benefitting from it.

During the first quarter of 2015, our books achieved a total of 75,000 downloads and our audience continues to grow.

Help our project through sponsorship and you will simultaneously help your brand and product.

We propose an annual sponsorship per book. The cost per sponsorship will depend on the number of downloads registered for your chosen book, the annual total being estimated based on the figures for the previous three months.

The offer includes:

  • Your logo on the cover of the book accompanied by the text “sponsored by:”
  • Your logo on the credits page of the book accompanied by the text “sponsored by:”
  • A page inside the book describing your company or product (including links to the web page or an email address)
  • A full-page advertisement at the end of the book
  • The inclusion of your logo on our web page, in the sponsorship section
  • Notification of the sponsorship agreement to our followers on Twitter and Facebook (25,000+) at least once per quarter
  • Logically you would be the only sponsor of that book in that year
  • The right to include a link on your page to download the book
  • Monthly stats of your downloads

The price for sponsoring a book is only 0.20€ per download. There are books with over 30,000 annual downloads and others with just 1,000. Choose the one that best matches your tastes and budget.

For example, for a book with an estimated 5,000 annual downloads, the cost of sponsorship would be 1,000€/year.

What happens if at the end of the year the number of downloads is lower than the estimated total?

We would reimburse you that part of the total that is proportional to the undownloaded amount.

What happens if at the end of the year the number of downloads is higher than the estimated total?

Nothing at all, even better for you! We will not charge you any more than the initial amount. As our project is continually growing it is very likely that the real downloads will exceed the estimated figure, and as such your product and brand will have a greater advertising impact.

If you want to actively collaborate with our project and make your brand more visible, write to us:

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