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The team

“Our Project is creating free educational children books that are useful and fun for children in the 21st century”

The all-rounder

A founding member of the project, he has written several books and also illustrated some of them. He designs the website during his free time and creates innovative content. He basically does a bit of everything! His commitment to improving the education system, by making it more attractive, enjoyable, modern and fun, led to the creation of this project.

The organiser

A project partner, he offers the ideas that are required when everyone else has run out of them. He organises the entire project and keeps all of the paperwork in order, which is not easy. He also carries out marketing tasks in order to raise the profile of our project.

The motivator

She motivates all of us to keep going with the project and fills us with optimism. Furthermore, when we stray from the path, she tells us off! 😉 She demands a lot of herself and expects the same from the rest of the team. That way we never lower our standards.

The website handyman

He’s our technology expert. He manages the website to meet our needs. If a server goes down, he appears and works his magic so that it comes back up and everyone is happy again.

The inspirational force

Our little redhead was the main character of the first book that we published, and he has appeared in several more. He offers a child’s point of view and what is more, he won’t let us leave him off this list. 😉 He loves our books and makes sure that his classmates are crazy about reading them too.

The authors

María Jesús Chacón has adapted two literary works for children. She has also translated several books into English.  A very cheerful person, she goes out of her way for other people. She possesses both a passion for literature and for promoting Spanish arts.

M. Eloisa Caro is a History graduate specialising in archaeology. Her books immerse us in the fascinating ancient world. She is an enthusiastic champion of cultural heritage, her philosophy being: “everything that is known is loved, and as such, it is respected.”

Carmen de la Rosa is a brilliant writer and she has written several stories that we have published through our project. No doubt we will share more of her stories, which are truly delightful.

Patricia Castillo, who has a blog called “La Biblioteca de Miss McHaggis”, which she writes along with her triplets, contributes highly original, fun and educational books.

Asuncion-Fuente is a doctor in Physical Science and she loves introducing children to science. We have already published two of her books which met with a fantastic response. We take this opportunity to encourage her to keep going; future generations will thank her for it!

Elisabeth Muñoz is a Psychopedagogy graduate and qualified teacher. She is a pre-school and primary teacher and loves writing children’s stories.

Alicia García Herrera is a Doctor in Law. In 2012, her professional life took a new direction and she now devotes her time to literature, which is what she most enjoys. We have already published two of her books.

Joaquín DHoldan is a writer and playwright. He writes about music and culture for several media outlets. He hosts the radio programme “Diálogos Comanches”, and has published three books with us.

The illustrators

Carmen Ramos, children’s illustrator. She loves creating illustrations for children and she does it masterfully. A graduate in Advertising Communications and the holder of a Diploma in Business Management, this Argentinian illustrator comes alive when she goes into her studio to illustrate.

Cristina Vaquero is a young illustrator from Madrid. A cartoonist and comic colourist, she loves drawing with pens and watercolours. It is a real luxury to have her involved in our project.

David Hernando, our fantastic and creative children’s illustrator. What amazing illustrations he does for us! He has illustrated several of our books. We are delighted to have him on the team.

Romina Soto, this Argentinian illustrator enjoys creating digital illustrations, as well as using traditional resources such as watercolours and acrylics. By way of a hobby, she usually produces fan art of her favourite series and films.

Vico Cóceres, our brilliant Argentinian illustrator. She has her own, informal illustration style which is a perfect fit for our project. Her youthful perspective adds colour to our books.

The translators

Amanda D’Singh translates the books into her mother tongue, English. We have already published a lot of them. Cheerful, friendly, sporty and responsible. What more could you ask for? A safe pair of hands for our translations.