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The team


“Our Project is creating free educational children books that are useful and fun for children in the 21st century”

We began as a small group of mothers and fathers who were worried about the education of our children. And now, after being joined by many diverse people that hope to collaborate and better the quality of education for our children, we have become a network of people committed to childhood education.

We are pleased by these changes and the fact that the collaboration continues to grow.

Weeblebooks  is a collaborative Project, open to anyone that would like to altruistically collaborate with us.

Below we would like to introduce our team.



The basic team

Fernando G. RodriguezFernando G. Rodríguez, founding member of the Project who has written several books that have already been published. Passionate about learning, innovating, the environment and bettering the world.

Eugenio Navarro
Eugenio Navarro, provides the necessary ideas when we have run out of them. Furthermore, he manages the most bureaucratic part of our project.


Elías Martínez, is our community-manager. He manages our social networks, Facebook, tweets and studies our statistics users and visits.

Marian Guimaraens

Marian Guimaraens, writes educational books. She loves geography, traveling, preparing recipes that get more and more delicious, and helping others.

Curro Rodriguez1

Curro Rodríguez, our technology specialist. He prepares our website to fit our needs. He also has a press agency which carries out our advertising. But don´t be fooled, he is not as young as he looks in the picture! Hahahaha.


Álvaro. EThis redhead was the protagonist of our first book published and he has since appeared in more. He contributes the point of view of the smallest ones. Also, he would not have let us leave him out of the list 😉


María Jesús Chacón, has translated various books to English. Very happy and always going out of her way for others. After translating one of the books that she has left, she is going to write a book for our project. Surely it will be great.

Carmen de la Rosa, great writer, she has written two books that have already been published with us and we will surely have more of her books, all of which are fantastic.

Patricia Castillo, with her blog La Biblioteca de Miss McHaggis where she writes along with her triplets, contributes very original, fun and educational books.

Asuncion-Fuente, has her phD in physical science and she loves to reveal science to children. We have already published one of her books that was received fantastically. From here we would like to encourage her to continue. Future generations will appreciate it!

Eloisa Caro, studied history with a focus in archeology. Her stories immerse us pleasantly and educationally into the passionate world of ancient history.


David Hernando, our fantastic and creative child illustrator. What great illustrations he creates for us! Pleased to have him on our team. Welcome!

Vico Cóceres, our fantastic Argentina illustrator. She illustrates with his own style that is well suited to the line of our project.


Amanda d’Singh, translates our books into English, her native language. She has already done several. Her work is reliable.